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Signs & Nameplates

Engraved signs and nameplates can be produced in metal or plastic. We have a full in-house design service. By using computer technology we can easily produce logos or specific images to our customers’ requirements. We can also work from files submitted by our customers to produce nameplates to their own design.

We work in the following metals:

Stainless steel: As stainless steel is a hard metal, it is best used in an exterior application as it stands up well to the elements, is low-maintenance and can be refurbished if necessary. It is also good for a prestigious occasion such as an opening ceremony and is often a material specified for use in catering and food preparation. We use only the best quality stainless steel (type 316).

Brass: Brass is often used in a prestigious setting. However, brass does require a degree of regular cleaning and maintenance as it will tarnish. We can coat the surface with a clear lacquer but the life of the lacquer will vary according to how aggressive the environment in which it is placed may be.

Bronze: This is an extremely prestigious material. It is engraved, enamelled and fired and will last a long time with regular cleaning with bees wax. This material is mostly used for “Registered Office” plates.

Aluminium: This tends to be cheaper than the above-mentioned materials but is durable and offers a good economical alternative.

Our range of plastics include the following:

Perspex (acrylic) sheet: Perspex has very good properties and is suitable for an exterior application. We often engrave in reverse on clear acrylic, paint-fill the lettering and spray the background a contrasting colour. As the rear is protected with vinyl this type of sign is extremely resilient to the elements. Coloured Perspex can be face-engraved and colour-filled which again is most practical.

Engraving laminate: This is a three layered plastic and we engrave through the face to reveal a contrasting core colour. It is available in either interior or exterior grade and provides a more economical alternative to Perspex.

In addition to engraved signs and nameplates we also supply signs with applied vinyl graphics. These tend to be more suited to larger signs.

Do you require an engraved plate for an opening ceremony? Not only can we supply the nameplate but we also have curtains available for hire for your ceremony (please check on availability).